WOW Moment: Anjou Bice

Our Wow Moment of the Month for July goes to Anjou Bice, Physical Therapist  A patient, afraid of having surgery, sought out physical therapy at her physician’s recommendation and wrote a letter detailing Anjou’s commitment to finding the best therapy possible for her situation. This patient credits Anjou with keeping her out of surgery and has referred colleagues and friends to the hospital because of her interactions with Anjou. In her letter, she wrote “rather than giving up on me and sending me elsewhere, she [Anjou] continues to search for additional ways to help me and is working alongside my physician to offer me the best care possible… My only regret is not coming to her sooner.” It is humbling to see how our employees’ actions can positively impact a patient’s life. This is caring in its truest form. WOW Anjou!

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