Wow! Moment of the Month - Katy Trotty, Marti Rodriguez and Allison Cowee

Katy Trotty, Marti Rodriguez and Allison Cowee are a team that really Wows! The dietitian and two pediatric nurses really took up the banner to help one of our frequent pediatric patients with Type 1 Diabetes.  This trio decided that the young teen, who was often sick because she was not always compliant with good diabetes management practices, would really be helped by a stint at Camp Sweeney, a three-week diabetic camp for children.  These team members completed the application, chaired a fundraising effort to pay for the camp and provided her with all new clothes, shoes and all the essentials she would need for a three-week camp. Katy, Marti and Allison took her shopping and helped her pick out age-appropriate fun clothes.  When she tried on a pretty dress, she said to them, “I feel pretty” and they told her how beautiful she really is!  They also bought her a new purse to keep her insulin supplies in.

 They filled up her father’s car and gave him money to get her to camp, but on opening day, the young girl was sick with high blood sugar and ended up in the Emergency Department. The ER staff and physician worked to stabilize her so she could go to camp, but the father was apprehensive about taking her. Two of our Wow team volunteered yet more time to safely drive her to Gainesville to Camp Sweeney.

 The teen was nervous about going to camp and even acted mad at the Wow team for making her go, but they were determined!  When they arrived, the young lady saw all the kids there and said, “They all have diabetes? They don’t look like they have diabetes!”  She was so excited to realize she is not alone.

 Our team members stayed with her long enough to get her situated and signed up for all the camp activities.  One team member had packed all of the clothes for the three-week camp, color coding and labeling them by days of the week and even made a tutu for the camp costume party and mailed it to her.

 Katy, Marti and Allison went to extreme measures to help this child go to camp to be with kids her own age and learn to deal with a disease process that is difficult at best and often overwhelming.  These three women worked together to make a difference that will last a lifetime. WOW, Katy, Marti and Allison – your compassion is humbling.

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