Wow Moment of the Month - Anthony Scott

For our Wow Moment of July, Anthony Scott, ICU nurse, literally went out of his way to help a critically ill patient connect with family. Anthony had been taking care of a patient on a vent for several days and the patient’s condition was declining.  Nursing services, social services, utilization review and even security were unable to get in contact with any of the patient’s family.   Anthony decided that after his 12 hour shift, he would visit the neighborhood of his patient and try to locate anyone who knew this critically ill man.  He visited with several sets of neighbors to try and find out if anyone knew how to contact friends or family.  He was finally able to find a friend of the patient’s family who was then able to contact immediate family members.  The next day the family was at the bedside of their ill loved one.  The family expressed numerous times their appreciation and gratitude for what our team member had done.  It was truly a selfless act. One of Anthony’s co-workers said “I think this is a WOW moment for sure!”  WOW, thanks for being so compassionate and determined to make a difference in our patients’ lives, Anthony!

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