Wow Moment of the Month - Linda Sterling

Our Wow Moment of the Month for October involved an epic search, a helping hand from a flagship children’s hospital and the stubborn determination of a loyal employee. When Linda Sterling, unit coordinator for pediatrics, learned that a Memorial physician wouldn’t discharge a two-month-old patient without an outpatient monitor for home use and that social services had been unable to locate a company that carried this type of monitor in our area, she asked if she could help.  And when she learned that it would be much later in the day before social services could return to the search, because of the urgent need of another patient, Linda jumped into action, taking the project on. She set to work researching and making calls to regional equipment companies - to no avail. Nobody she contacted carried this piece of equipment. Linda decided to call a Houston children’s hospital to find out who they use in cases like this and was provided with a contact company. Linda called, faxed the info requested and arranged for the equipment to be delivered to Memorial.  Then, because she was grateful for the help, she called the Houston hospital’s administration to report the kindness and hard work of THEIR employee! It is great to have a coworker who knows the true meaning of team work.  By putting that baby, our patient, first, Linda helped save this child another night’s stay in the hospital. We agree with the co-worker who turned in the Wow nomination: “Linda put the need of the patient and hospital first and all I can say is “WOW!”

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