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Critical Care

All 32 patient rooms in Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Intermediate Care (IMC) unit are private, bright and cheerful, with a window to the world and weather outside, so patients and families can be better time-oriented and more in tune with what's happening outside the hospital room.

Family is such an important element in the recovery process that Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital furnishes each room with a comfortable and spacious seating bench. A nursing alcove is shared between each pair of rooms in ICU and IMC, so nursing staff can monitor each patient's condition and complete necessary paperwork without infringing on family time.

Each room also features a refuse pass-through, allowing for removal without patient disruption, most rooms have a private bathroom, and all rooms are decorated with a stylized historical Nacogdoches photograph, detailing local points and people of interest in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

8  - 10 a.m.*
Noon - 2 p.m.*
4  - 6 p.m.*
8  - 10 p.m.*
Midnight- 2 a.m.**
4  - 6 a.m.**
(Clergy may visit as requested by patient/family.)

Family members are encouraged to visit during these hours, but we request your understanding. Depending on changes in a patient’s condition, it may be necessary to alter visiting times for family and clergy. However, we will allow you to visit as soon as possible.

*Visitors are limited to two (2) at a time. You must sign in at the Information Desk and receive a Visitor ID Badge. Upon leaving the ICU, please return badge to the staff member at Information Desk.

**From midnight to 6 a.m., visitors are limited to one (1) at a time.
Use the patient information phone at the Information Desk to gain access to ICU.

In order to avoid unnecessary exposure to illness, children under the age of 12 may not visit in the ICU. However, we do take into account each individual patient’s needs.

Times between visiting hours allow an opportunity for you to rest, as well as provide time for nursing staff to perform necessary patient care in a private environment.

We realize that having a loved one in critical care is a stressful time for everyone. Family members, please take time for you; take a nap, have a good meal or just go for a walk. Your continued good health is key to your loved one’s recovery.


Any time. For the safety of children and the health of our patients, children under 12 years of age may not visit the IMC.

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