Rosemary LaBorde's Memorial Story

Rosemary LaBorde

I moved to Nacogdoches in 1975. I worked for Nacogdoches ISD for 30 years. Retired in 2003. I am a widow of 14 years. After the death of my mother, father and spouse, I needed something to fill my days. I was brought to the Auxiliary by Juanita Birdwell. Been here six years. Currently working in Surgery waiting and the gift shop. Have also worked in ER, Front desk, dialysis and ICU.

I volunteer because I love to be around people. I am a social person and do not like to be idle. My family lives in Dallas and they have very busy lives. It gives me a chance to be around people I really like and to help people in need.

I have made many friends here. I found I have a lot in common with the other volunteers. I love to share stories of travel, family and grandchildren. I have met people from my NISD days that I probably would not have ever seen again. NMH has been so good to me. I love the appreciation the staff and employees show us. Everyone seems to appreciate what we do and that is very rewarding.

What do I enjoy most? The time spent with friends. Sharing with each other and being of service to Nacogdoches. It has filled a great void in my life. I especially like my work in the surgery waiting area, to be able to help a family as they wait on news of their loved ones.

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