Pay Your Bill

You may be asked to pay all or a portion of non-emergency tests and service fees provided by Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital at the time the services are provided. Non-emergency tests and fees will require a deposit prior to services being rendered.

For your convenience, there are a number of different ways to make payments on your hospital bills. These include: cash payment, personal check, credit card (MasterCard, Visa®, American Express® or Discover®) and extended payment plan. Hospital bills can be quite large at times, and often unexpected. Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital’s Patient Accounts team understands that everyone at one time or another has trouble meeting financial obligations. If you know you will have trouble paying your bills at the hospital, or if you need to make arrangements for extended payments, please let us know by calling (936) 564-4611, ext. 8536 or 4649.


Types of Statements
Itemized or Summary Bills
Shortly after you receive any type of hospital service, you will be sent a Summary Bill. This bill is sent for two reasons.

1. To inform you of the total amount of hospital charges accumulated during your most recent visit.
2. To notify you that your insurance company has been billed for these charges.

This bill, and all other statements sent by the hospital list only your hospital charges. Charges for physician services (except ER physicians) are not billed by the hospital.

Statement of Account
The second type of bill you will receive from our office is called a statement of account. This statement will show you:

1. Your beginning balance.
2. Any payments, since your last statement, that have been made on your account by you or your insurance company.
3. Your current or remaining balance.

Because of our billing cycle and the time it takes to file insurance claims, you may receive a statement of account before your insurance company makes any payment on your claim. The final remaining balance, the amount of money that you owe the hospital, is due within 30 days after your insurance company pays for covered charges.

Pay Your Bill

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