Critical Care

Critical Care
All 32 patient rooms in Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Intermediate Care (IMC) unit are private, bright and cheerful, with a window to the world and weather outside, so patients and families can be better time-oriented and more in tune with what's happening outside the hospital room.

Family is such an important element in the recovery process that Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital furnishes each room with a comfortable and spacious seating bench. A nursing alcove is shared between each pair of rooms in ICU and IMC, so nursing staff can monitor each patient's condition and complete necessary paperwork without infringing on family time.

Each room also features a refuse pass-through, allowing for removal without patient disruption, most rooms have a private bathroom, and all rooms are decorated with a stylized historical Nacogdoches photograph, detailing local points and people of interest in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

8  - 10 a.m.*
Noon - 2 p.m.*
4  - 6 p.m.*
8  - 10 p.m.*
Midnight- 2 a.m.**
4  - 6 a.m.**
(Clergy may visit as requested by patient/family.)

Family members are encouraged to visit during these hours, but we request your understanding. Depending on changes in a patient’s condition, it may be necessary to alter visiting times for family and clergy. However, we will allow you to visit as soon as possible.

*Visitors are limited to two (2) at a time. You must sign in at the Information Desk and receive a Visitor ID Badge. Upon leaving the ICU, please return badge to the staff member at Information Desk.

**From midnight to 6 a.m., visitors are limited to one (1) at a time.
Use the patient information phone at the Information Desk to gain access to ICU.

In order to avoid unnecessary exposure to illness, children under the age of 12 may not visit in the ICU. However, we do take into account each individual patient’s needs.

Times between visiting hours allow an opportunity for you to rest, as well as provide time for nursing staff to perform necessary patient care in a private environment.

We realize that having a loved one in critical care is a stressful time for everyone. Family members, please take time for you; take a nap, have a good meal or just go for a walk. Your continued good health is key to your loved one’s recovery.

Any time. For the safety of children and the health of our patients, children under 12 years of age may not visit the IMC.

The Women's and Children's Center
One of the most family-centered, comfortable labor and delivery programs in East Texas
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Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital
Critical Care

Dear Neighbor,

Nacogdoches Memorial Health is one of the fastest growing, most innovative health systems in East Texas and is working hard to change the face of healthcare for those we serve. From simple beginnings in 1928 to the progressive and forward-thinking health system of today, Nacogdoches Memorial Health has come a long way since those humble days when we were simply known as City Memorial.

Our dedication to excellence was recognized in 2015, and again in 2016, when the readers of the Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel rewarded Memorial Health with multiple Best of Nac awards, including Best Hospital, Best ER and Best Place to Have a Baby. We are always honored by the support of our community and beyond thrilled with their confidence in us.

But we believe our community’s confidence in us is well-deserved. Memorial Health has a recognized Level III Trauma Center and a stand-alone Inpatient Rehab Facility (Bomar Rehabilitation Center).

Memorial Health is proud to be the only remaining independent health system in our region. We think it’s important to maintain our independence, because all of our resources and energy are funneled back into our facilities, technology and professional staff, allowing us to be nimble and adapt easily to the local needs of our community. The only stakeholders we answer to are the neighbors we see at the ballpark and the grocery store, and we prefer it that way. We want you to have a strong sense of ownership in Nacogdoches Memorial as your destination of choice for high-quality healthcare. We are Nacogdoches Memorial Health. Where people come first.


$40 Million Expansion Project
A 30,000-square-foot Surgery Center, housing eight best-in-class surgical suites with ceiling-mounted boom systems for image-guided surgery, monitoring and instrumentation, is just one part of the $40 million expansion project that has allowed us to serve our patients in elegant, yet functional surroundings, while building on our success to improve existing facilities and provide new, innovative products that better serve our community.

The Women’s and Children’s Center was designed to be one of the most family-centered, comfortable and attractive labor and delivery programs available in the East Texas area. Each of the 24 private rooms features the latest in technology, safety and comfort for mom and family. Two state-of-the-art C-Section suites are available for moms needing surgical assistance during the birthing process, and Memorial is the only Deep East Texas facility to accommodate vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC).

When you have a real emergency, you need a real hospital. Unlike freestanding emergency rooms, the 27-room Level III Trauma Center at Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital is backed by the resources of an entire health system and a specially trained team of ER nurses, doctors and specialists — because every second matters.

The Coffee Spot
A light-filled lobby, convenient access to our new Coffee Spot (We proudly serve Starbucks!) and comfortable waiting areas make our visitor experience more enjoyable at Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital. We’ve used soothing colors, interesting curves and unusual architectural lines to give this cutting-edge facility a warm and welcoming atmosphere that matches the attitude of our team.

The Bright Café was dedicated in memory of long-time board member Charles Bright and offers a new sandwich bar, full grill area, freshly prepared breakfast fare, home-style meats and vegetables, a salad bar, freshly baked desserts and a wide variety of beverages. We know that our visitors sometimes need a retreat from a particularly stressful situation; the Bright Café is invitingly decorated and overlooks a peaceful park area.

Auxiliary Conference Center

The most recent addition to the Memorial structure is a state-of-the-art Conference Center, which will allow us to provide community educational offerings on a variety of health-related subjects. This project was generously funded by the Nacogdoches Memorial Auxiliary. We also have a Café Conference Room and a Community Conference Room for in-house meetings, such as joint replacement seminars and childbirth classes, as well as public endeavors, like support groups and blood drives.

Nacogdoches Memorial Health offers exceptional care in our NICU facility, keeping fragile infants closer to home until they can go home with Mom and Dad. This next-level upgrade includes advancements in staff training and equipment for our first-rate facility.

In the past year, we began exploring physician practice management opportunities and started bringing talented, established primary care providers and specialists into the Nacogdoches Memorial Professional Group through creative affiliation partnerships. We now boast more than 25 partner providers ready to serve your whole family, some with same-day appointments and all accepting Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance in convenient locations throughout our community.

For faster access to ER services, Helipad and Parking Plaza areas were built on the east side of the hospital campus. The helipad is dedicated in memory of Mervis Lowery, who served on the Nacogdoches County Hospital District Board of Directors for 18 years. Mervis championed the cause of emergency medical services and the establishment of a helicopter pad on our campus which allows us to transfer patients in and out of Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital more quickly and safely. 

The Women's and Children's Center
One of the most family-centered, comfortable labor and delivery programs in East Texas
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