More room. More teamwork. More advanced technology. It all adds up to more comfort for patients at Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital’s renovated gastrointestinal lab. By expanding to five procedure rooms, an x-ray room and a dedicated recovery room, the self-contained GI Lab is now a full-service facility with a specially trained staff that cares for patients from start to finish. In most hospitals the GI Lab is just one of many services in the surgery department, but Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital’s unique concept allows the specially trained staff to admit, prep and offer post-operative care to patients, all within one dedicated unit. The renovated GI Lab now offers services usually available only in larger cities, so patients can experience the highest level of treatment and care without having to travel. Bravo pH Monitoring, considered the gold-standard for diagnosing gastroesophageal reflux disease, is a catheter-free testing method that lets patients maintain their usual diet and activities. The lab also offers radiofrequency ablation, which uses radio waves to selectively destroy potentially precancerous cells associated with Barrett’s esophagus. A roomier GI Lab that provides a more comfortable experience — it’s another way Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital is providing exceptional healthcare to every generation of every East Texas family.

Our physicians are highly skilled in a full range of medical procedures, and our team of gastroenterologists and endoscopists are committed to helping prevent, treat and manage digestive diseases.

Dr. Jones looks at monitor in GI Lab
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