Joye Humphreys' Memorial Story

Joye Humphreys

I have been a volunteer at Memorial Hospital since retiring from teaching in the NISD in 1990.

I volunteer because I receive a great deal of satisfaction and pleasure from knowing that I have helped someone each day that I serve in the hospital areas in which I work and that by being a member of the Hospital Auxiliary, I am contributing to the mission of the hospital and auxiliary.

I have made many new life-long friendships while volunteering, plus I receive much personal happiness in serving those who need assistance while in the hospital.

There are many things I enjoy about volunteering: a sense of purpose and personal fulfillment; contributing and giving my time and energy in helping others; there is a feeling of accomplishment in performing tasks necessary in the areas in which I serve; friendships made; assisting the hospital administrative staff, the healthcare providers, hospital employees, patients and their families; the gratitude, love and appreciation shown me daily by the hospital personnel and knowing that as a member of Memorial Auxiliary I am a member of the Texas Association of Healthcare Volunteers serving with thousands of other healthcare volunteers over the state rendering needed service in the healthcare field.

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