Level III Trauma Center

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When you have a real emergency, you need a real hospital.

Located in the center of Nacogdoches, we employ a qualified medical team trained to excel in meeting the ER needs of our community.

Unlike freestanding emergency rooms, the Level III Trauma Center at Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital is backed by the resources of an entire health system, including a 30,000-square-foot world-class surgery center right on site, should you need them.

In fact, our ER has been recognized as Best of Nacogdoches which is no surprise when you consider our team is better equipped than ever to provide exceptional patient care to every generation of every East Texas family.

Our goal is to have a team waiting, ready to go to work, whenever a trauma patient comes in. Everyone on the Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital care team knows their role, and processes are streamlined and standardized to serve patients better.

Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital’s commitment to serve as a Level III Trauma Centers includes a promise to:
• Retain a trauma surgeon on hospital staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week
• Offer general surgery
• Keep dedicated ER physicians in house, 24 hours a day
• Have anesthesiologists and other specialists on-call and promptly available
• Have nursing care standards that are up-to-date for trauma
• Offer 24-hour lab services
• Maintain an intensive care unit

Designation as a Level III Trauma Center assures Nacogdoches residents that if they are involved in a trauma, Memorial Hospital is not only where they want to be - it is absolutely where they need to be.


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