March Honorable Mention Wow Moments

Our employees really "WOWed" us with top-notch customer service last month. Read on for details of March Honorable Mention Wow Moments.

Lisa Urban, pharmacy tech, was caught in the act of assisting a dialysis patient near the ATM machine at the hospital recently. The patient was trying to get money from the cash machine, which had chosen that moment to stop working. The patient asked if there was another ATM machine within walking distance and unfortunately there isn’t. Lisa insisted on giving the patient money to eat out of her own pocket because she knew the importance, health-wise, for a dialysis patient to eat when scheduled. Thanks for coming to our patient’s rescue, Lisa.

Jessica McMillian, RN on the pediatrics unit, was actually nominated for a Wow Moment by a patients’ family member. That family member went out her way to find an administrative nurse to compliment Jessica for the care given to her mother. The daughter said “Jessica is an exceptional nurse. I had to leave my mother to do training for my job and I would have taken her with me if I could have. Just knowing Jessica was there taking care of my mom gave me great peace of mind.” That’s a positive impression and a high compliment, Jessica!

Billie Hayter, nursing care tech on 3rd Tucker, asked a co-worker if she had any personal items that a patient needed. The patient had thought that housekeeping possibly kept these items, but that was not the case. Billie decided to be proactive on the patient’s behalf and went to the gift shop to buy the necessary items for the patient. This patient had no family or visitors seeing to her extra needs, so Billie went out of her way to care for our patient! Way to put our patients first, Billie!

Nikki Duckett, radiology transporter, was driving to work one day when she saw a lady walking with an IV dressing and a hospital name bracelet still on her arm. The patient had gone AWOL and was walking like something was wrong. Nikki parked her car and called for the lady to come back, explaining that the patient still had an IV in her arm that needed to be taken out. The lady said no and that she was going home. Nikki contacted the ER to see if they were missing a patient, they replied “no” and advised her to call for the hospital security officer. The patient continued her escape attempt, but fell. Nikki helped the lady up, though she had become a little combative at this point. Security arrived and escorted the patient back to the hospital. Nikki continued on to work, with an excellent explanation for being late! Wow Nikki, thanks for watching out for our patients - literally!

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