WOW Moment: Holly Owens

Holly Owen, a Nurse Care Technician, was nominated by a team member for displaying this exceptional act of charity: “The patient was an indigent quadriplegic in need of a lot of medical equipment. Through Social Services we were able to obtain all the necessary medical equipment for the patient; however, there was one item he asked for, an air conditioner, stating that he gets so hot at home. I was unable to find one through local charities, so I began talking to staff about taking contributions. Holly overheard me and said ‘I have one.’ I could not believe my ears! I clarified with her and she said, ‘Yes, I have an air conditioner and they can have it.’ She even went the extra mile to deliver it to them after her shift that same day. This is an amazing act of charity, kindness and selflessness, totally NOT in her job duties.” Wow Holly - thank you for taking care of our patients!

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