WOW Moment: Tony Mendez

Here's the Wow Moment of the Month! Tony Mendez wowed us this month, with his generous outreach to a patient. Tony Mendez is a paramedic with the Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital EMS, but he occasionally works in cardiac rehab. While working there, he met a very dedicated cardiac rehab patient who was scheduled to graduate from the program recently. Living out of town, with limited mobility, no transportation and no family nearby, she mentioned to Tony how much she would miss the interaction of her rehab sessions and her new-found friends each week. Tony set up a luncheon at the Hotel Fredonia, invited this patient, her two close rehab friends and the entire cardiac rehab staff. He made travel arrangements for the patient and even had a wheelchair waiting at the hotel and generously picked up the entire tab for everyone. This patient said she couldn’t remember when she had last been able to get out and enjoy someone else’s company. She had the time of her life, and Tony went beyond the call of duty to make an extraordinary day for our patient. Wow, Tony!

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