Wow Honorable Mention Moments for April

Wow Honorable Mention Moments for the month are the moments that make us proud at Memorial. Read on for details on our terrific people.

Physical therapy tech Sharon Powers was exercising a patient, when the patient had an incontinent episode. Instead of calling an aide or nurse to change the patient, as is standard operating procedure, Sharon went ahead and took action. She helped the patient by changing and cleaning him herself, which is above and beyond her scope of duties, but is in keeping with how Sharon puts her patients’ needs first. WOW, thanks for taking care of our patients, in all of their needs, Sharon.

Carie Albury, ER nurse, was noticed assisting a lady in a wheelchair, who was having difficulty getting something to drink from the cafeteria soda fountain to have with her lunch. Carie helped our visitor get her drink, then offered to assist her through the checkout line. The lady was very appreciative of Carie’s help, because it was straight up the noon hour and very busy in the cafeteria lunch line. Carie took time to help someone else in need before getting her own lunch and we’re proud of how she represents our hospital! Thanks, Carie.

Jennifer Gaston, ER nurse, was so concerned for her diabetic patient’s well-being, that she followed up with the patient’s school to provide education in an attempt to prevent regular, repeat visits to the ER with diabetes complications. As an ER nurse, Jennifer usually just sees her patients for a brief time, with no follow-up expected or required. Because Jennifer is known to have a passion for her patients, this concern and outreach surprises no one. She is truly a team player – even extending the team beyond hospital walls. Way to reach out, Jennifer!

Michelle Key, ICU nurse, (not pictured) knew that a patient would have to celebrate her birthday while in the hospital, so on the big day, Michelle brought cupcakes and balloons for a birthday celebration. She really surprised her patient by bringing the ICU nurses into the patient’s room to sing Happy Birthday and to present the balloons. Michelle’s patient was so happy to eat cupcakes on her birthday! Michelle, that’s customer service worth celebrating.

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