Wow Moment - January 2014 - Aron Montgomery

Nacogdoches Memorial Wow Aron MontgomeryLast month’s Wow Moment happened when a coworker observed Aron Montgomery, environmental services assistant, coming to the rescue of an elderly lady in the front lobby one day. The lady was at the hospital to visit a patient and Aron noticed she was in some kind of distress. She was having trouble walking and seemed to be experiencing shortness of breath. Aron quickly obtained a wheelchair for the lady, took her to her loved one’s patient room and told her he would return to bring her back downstairs after her visit, when she was ready to leave.  Aron is not in direct patient care, but didn’t hesitate when a stranger needed him. He certainly exhibited the true compassion and caring attitude that we hope is always shown at Memorial for our neighbors in need.  WOW! Thank you, Aron, for being a great example to us all.    

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