Wow Moment - Amy Brewer

In the Wow Moment of the Month for August, Amy Brewer, nurse on the Intermediate Care Unit, stepped in one day and put her foot down, squarely on the side of a former patient.  “I’d taken care of her before,” Amy recalls of a homeless patient with psychiatric issues, “and she had left the hospital AMA (against medical advice) when a man came to visit her. She just took off with him and I knew she was going to be in real trouble if she was discharged on her own this time. She needed someone who could stand up for what was best for her.” Amy was not her nurse this particular day, but she didn’t let that stop her, insisting the patient needed to be transferred to an inpatient psychiatric facility so she could get appropriate care for her illness. Finally, Amy’s persistence paid off and the patient was re-evaluated and accepted into a facility. But Amy’s advocacy didn’t stop there.  When she learned that the patient did not have any clothes or personal effects except the hospital gown she was wearing, Amy ran to her car where she kept extra clothes and gave them to the patient. Amy, thank you for your willingness to give the shirt off your back (almost literally!) in order to help a patient.

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