Wow Moment - Anna McReynolds, Brandi Dyess and Lois Harkey

Teamwork really paid off one day in Cardiac Rehab, when Lois Harkey, LVN, noticed that a patient exercising as part of the monitored program suddenly went into a rapid atrial fibrillation rhythm. The patient was having symptoms of lightheadedness, weakness and extremely low blood pressure. After alerting Anna McReynolds, RN, and Brandi Dyess, PT tech, Lois and the team contacted the physician immediately.  The physician instructed them to monitor their patient for one hour or until her rhythm returned to normal and then allow her to go home.  When it came time to release the patient, she still felt lightheaded and weak. Anna and Brandi decided to take their lunch break to drive their patient home and then made sure she was safely settled in her house before they left her.  The following is an excerpt from a letter the patient wrote: “They insisted that they drive me home. One drove my car and the other followed.  I do not know who needs to know this, but I have witnessed on many occasions the love and kindness that pours from their soul. This does not come from getting a paycheck and this does not come from education. This comes from the heart and this is the kind of people we need in our healthcare system.”  WOW, that is high praise indeed! Thanks for being such a compassionate and caring team for your patient, Anna, Brandi and Lois.

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