Wow Moment - April 2014 - Jesus Rubalcava

Jesus Rubalcava, Wow Moment of April 2014, translatorLosing a child suddenly in delivery is a terrible tragedy. That loss is only compounded when the mother and father are unable to communicate with the medical staff. Without a doubt, confusion only adds to the moment of grief, but in our Wow Moment of April, our translator Jesus Rubalcava was determined to ease as much sorrow as he could. It was Jesus’ weekend off and interpretation was to be handled through the established language line. Normally this works out fine, but on this particular weekend we had an emergency delivery which resulted in a fetal demise. Necessary funeral arrangements needed to be made, so Jesus was contacted. Despite the fact that he needed to travel all the way from Diboll on his day off, he never gave the situation a second thought. He told a co-worker that the only thing he could think was that this patient could have been his sister and he would want someone there to help. This is no surprise to his co-workers who know Jesus as a man of compassion and great empathy. Everyone enjoys being there for the happy moments in life, but this team player ran to the aid of a grieving mother and father, even when it was not expected. This is truly a WOW moment, Jesus!

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