Wow Moment - Brandy Lawrence

     Close your eyes and imagine that you and your spouse are expecting a new baby into your family.  Or maybe it’s a new grandbaby you’re expecting.  Joy...happiness...preparing a nursery... baby showers…doctor visits…hearing that precious heartbeat…tiny feet, tiny hands, a sweet little face in the ultrasound. Is it a boy or a girl? Joy. 
     Now… imagine the most tragic thing of all.  Your baby has died.  Your joy is gone.
Preparation turns from baby showers to funeral arrangements. Your baby will not go home to the new crib or wear the new outfits.  Your little angel will never know the love growing deeper every day.
     Brandy Lawrence loves these precious angels in the most tangible way possible, so she was recognized for Memorial’s Wow Moment of the month for December.  As a birth
certificate clerk, Brandy isn’t expected to touch the lives of these parents. She isn’t expected to ease the pain and suffering of tragic loss...but she does.
     Because these babies may not have the most beautiful outward appearance, Brandy lovingly prepares their tiny bodies in a compassionate, delicate way so the parents can hold a perfect child one last time. She has performed miracles in preparing these little bodies for pictures, so parents may have a keepsake of their baby to cherish for the rest of their lives.  She has bought numerous mementos in the gift shop to acknowledge a tiny, brief life.  She has helped our chaplain in agonizing cases, assuring that paperwork is completed as the law requires, while keeping the life and loss of the baby, and the welfare of the grieving parents, as the most important focus at hand.
     Brandy has grace and compassion which are humbling.  While this is not the job of a birth certificate clerk, it is her heart’s desire to make sure these angels are beautiful when they enter heaven.  Thank you, Brandy, for giving your heart to the littlest angels.

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