Wow Moment - Candace Nerren

When a fellow employee was faced with the devastating experience of losing her mother, Candace Nerren, stroke coordinator, just couldn’t let her go through it alone.  This employee had really never lived apart from her mother and didn’t have any family here to help her. She was using all of her PTO time so she could stay with her mother during her illness.  Candace noticed the toll this was taking on her fellow employee and stepped up to rally other co-workers to donate paid time off to assist in this time of need.  As a nurse, Candace even took it upon herself to take days off to sit with the co-worker and her mom, so she could assist in any way needed.  She made sure the mother had the right medicine and comfort, and ultimately assisted in setting up Hospice care, then making funeral arrangements.  Candace helped take care of family household matters, such as mowing their yard, providing dinners and even traveled to pick up a family member out of town.  These kind acts are proof of how truly compassionate Candace is and what a great caregiver she is.  “When I’ve personally asked Candace about the situation,” said the co-worker who nominated Candace for the Wow Moment of November, “tears have filled her eyes and all she’ll say is ‘If I didn’t have family here, I would hope someone would do the same for me.’ How humbling and selfless. I wish I could be more like that!  This hospital is so lucky to have Candace and the world needs more people like her!” We agree completely. Wow, Candace, you make us proud.

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