Wow Moment - February 2014 - Lori Shaver

Nacogdoches Memorial Wow Photo Lori ShaverMost of the patients we care for in Labor and Delivery come for a joyous event – the birth of a child. On one particular day, we were caring for a family who knew that their child was going to die soon after his birth. The mom needed to be delivered by C-section, which would normally require a stint in the recovery room after surgery. This mom didn’t want to be separated from her child, even for a minute, since time with him would be so short. Lori Shaver, L & D nurse, made sure that the staff involved were aware of the situation and set into motion arrangements that would guarantee as much time as possible for mom and newborn to share. Lori made sure that a recovery nurse came to sit with the mom in L&D instead of in the actual recovery room, so the mom and her family could remain with the baby boy every possible moment before he passed away. The co-worker, who nominated Lori for the Wow Moment of the Month, said “Facilitating the family’s difficult birth experience made the best of a painful situation and it was done with great sensitivity to their needs.” Lori, your compassion and sensitivity are truly humbling.

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