Wow Moment - Gary Sexton

For our Wow Moment of last month, Gary Sexton, materials management warehouse coordinator, was observed coaching a young man through the lunch line, while picking up lunch in the cafeteria one day. He was explaining to the individual how to order what he wanted, where to get in line, where to find silverware, etc. - basically explaining the cafeteria procedure. After receiving his food, Gary directed the individual to the register line and then paid for the young man’s lunch. Later that day, Gary explained to a fellow employee that the individual was a guy he had found wandering outside the hospital. “I had seen him wandering around town a lot before and I could tell he needed to eat. He didn’t have a job or any money and you could just tell that he was hungry,” Gary explained. “He had his head down and he was looking sad. I didn’t want to ask him a lot of questions, but I asked him if he wanted some food and he said yes. He just needed some help.” The co-worker who nominated Gary for this Wow Moment also commented on Gary’s permanent smile and how caring and nice he is to everyone he meets, patients, visitors and staff alike. You make us all proud to know you, Gary!

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