Wow Moment - Jena Williams

In our Wow Moment of the Month for April, our winner literally offered our visitors shelter from the storm. While on the way to her car one day, Jena Williams, ICU unit coordinator saw an elderly couple with a handicapped child. They were out in the rain with no umbrella and though they had the child covered with a blanket, the child and the couple were being drenched. Jena gave them the umbrella she was carrying to cover the child, then dashed to her car and got her favorite red umbrella. She returned to the couple and covered them while walking them to their doctor’s appointment across the street at the Diagnostic Center. She told the couple to keep her favorite umbrella, so they and the little girl would make it back to their car a little drier. The co-worker who nominated Jena for the Wow Moment of April said “if this is not a moment of compassion and wow, then I don’t know what is!” Wow, Jena! Thanks for being so loving and giving – literally - to our patients and visitors.

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