Wow Moment - Lori Curtis

Lori Curtis, environmental services assistant, wears a Mona Lisa smile because she just ALMOST got away with her Good Samaritan effort, undetected.  Lori’s humble, compassionate attitude is exactly what made her the Wow Moment for December. After completing her normal shift one day last month, Loriwas asked to help out on another nursing floor. While cleaning a room on this floor, she overheard a doctor and nurse tell one of our patients that, when discharged, the patient would need to go home with relatives so she would have a warm place to stay. The patient had said that she needed a heating unit in her home and the weather was quite cold. The patient was upset and wanted very badly to return to her own home. Lori was concerned for this patient and, without fanfare, slipped out and bought a brand new electric heater for the patient’s home. Lori wanted to help the woman return to her own home after discharge from the hospital.  The coworker who nominated Lori for this award knew that something was up and wouldn’t allow Lori to just sweep her kind gesture under the rug. She stated in her Wow nomination, “If that isn’t a real WOW moment, what is?!”  We agree – Wow, Lori!

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