Wow Moment - Majorie Whitaker

During our Wow Moment of September, Majorie Whitaker, environmental services tech, was working her regular shift one week when she took note that a patient on the unit kept wearing the same clothes every day. “She didn’t want to wear the hospital gown we provide,” Majorie said, “so I realized that she didn’t seem to have any other clothes with her. I also noticed that her little girl, who was visiting her, kept asking for crackers and graham crackers.” Majorie discovered the young lady was from an outlying community and had not brought anything with her to the hospital, because she hadn’t realized her ailment was serious enough to land her in the hospital for over a week.  During her lunch break one day, Majorie went to the dollar store and bought necessities for the mom, like house shoes, a brush, deodorant, lip balm and even a hair bow for the little girl.  Returning to the patient’s room, Majorie discovered the patient’s other four kids had been dropped off to visit their mom, but they were helping themselves to the patient’s lunch tray! Majorie took a free meal card she had earned and a Wow meal card she had been awarded for a previous kind gesture and went to the cafeteria to buy the children some food. When she returned with chicken strips, French fries and sodas for all, they were ecstatic. “The mama got up from her bed, as sick as she was, to hug my neck,” marveled Majorie. “That made me feel good to know she appreciated it so much that her kids weren’t hungry anymore.” Wow Majorie, just like those kids you fed, we’re smiling ear to ear!

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