Wow Moment - Roberto Alvear

Roberto Alvear, social services interpreter, was the knight in shining armor while translating for a young patient in labor recently. Roberto was called in to translate while the patient received her epidural, but ended up staying at the patient’s bed side and supporting her through her labor. “She was scared about everything that was going on,” Roberto said. “She needed someone to hold onto (during the epidural) so she grabbed onto me while she had a contraction. I almost ended up in a headlock,” he explained with a smile.

 Not only was his ability to speak to her in Spanish needed, but his presence in the room seemed to calm her, so the delivery team asked Roberto to stay.  The anesthesiologist was impressed by his compassion and complimented Roberto for his kindness. “It’s rare that you witness such an act in this manner, which clearly is above and beyond his job.”
The nominating co-worker said “Robert has no children and has not even been through this experience with his own wife. To have the compassion he does and go above and beyond is an understatement! A healthy baby and happy mom were the ones who ultimately benefited from this team member’s extraordinary act.”
Wow Roberto, to coin a phrase (with the pun totally intended): You really know how to deliver!
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