Wow Moment of August - Daniel Wood, painter

Daniel Wood, Wow Moment of August, Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital, Customer ServiceOur painter, Daniel Wood, was working in the old front entrance hallway of the hospital when he observed a patient who had just crossed the street from the parking lot and was trying to enter through doors that were locked.  In what would become the Wow Moment of the Month for August, Dan stopped painting and opened the door for the elderly man, who was walking with a cane and had a brace on his leg.  The man was having difficulty standing as well as walking, so our team member offered to get him a wheelchair from the front lobby. The gentleman declined the offer.  Dan decided not to take no for an answer and retrieved a wheelchair anyway. He insisted on wheeling the patient to admissions to check in.  Another co-worker overheard the patient as he kept apologizing for interrupting Dan’s work. Dan’s reply? “Our patients’ safety and comfort come first before any other work or duty.” Well said, Dan!  A nominating co-worker said that “in addition to this incident, I have noticed Dan is always smiling and speaking to everyone he greets in the hallways when he is working/painting in the area.”  You are a great addition to the team, Dan! Keep up the good work.

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