Wow Moment of July - Ryan White, anesthesia tech

Ryan White, anesthesia tech, Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital, Customer Service, Wow Moment        In our Wow Moment of July, Ryan White went out of his way to help a couple of our visitors, then went even further to help them some more. Two family members were in the annex waiting for their loved one to have a surgery that had been delayed for several hours due to unforeseen circumstances. Because of the time of day and the long wait, the two family members had been offered something to drink while they waited. Ryan, an anesthesia tech, happened to walk by and overheard the offer, so he went to get the drinks. While delivering the drinks, he found out how long they had been waiting and offered to get them a snack from the vending machine. He took one of the family members with him and bought them both snacks from the machine to tide them over.
        When Ryan’s manager heard of his act of kindness, she rewarded him with a free meal ticket, because he had used his own money to buy the snacks. Ryan then quietly took that meal ticket downstairs and got a meal from the cafeteria for the two family members to share while they waited.
         “In the 16 years that I've known him, I have witnessed his generosity and care towards others a million times over,” the co-worker who nominated Ryan for the Wow Moment said. “He doesn't help because he has to or because he wants recognition, but because he truly wants to put a smile on someone's face and to make their day special. His "give the shirt off his back" attitude and selflessness toward others goes beyond good customer service and into WOW territory.”  
        “Give the shirt of his back attitude” is exactly what Ryan has and we’re proud he’s part of the Memorial team.

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