Wow Moment of May 2014 - Amber Davis and Mike Blair

Mike Blair and Amber Davis, Wow Moment of May, Nacogdoches Memorial HospitalIn our Wow Moment of the Month in May, Amber Davis, radiology tech, encountered a 91-year-old gentleman who was lost in the Elliott Building. The elderly gentleman was trying in vain to locate a doctor’s office, which was actually on the north side of the city.  The gentleman was sitting on a bench by the flower garden and was struggling to breathe.  Amber called radiology tech supervisor, Mike Blair, for assistance.  Both team members felt that just giving directions to the correct doctor’s office would fail, because of the gentleman’s condition.  The team decided it would be best to drive the patient to his doctor’s appointment across town. They assisted him to one of their vehicles and transported our visitor to the correct doctor’s office.  Later, the doctor’s office called back. The elderly gentlemen needed to return to his vehicle at the Elliot building. Mike wanted to make sure our wandering visitor got to his vehicle safely and that he was ok, so he got approval from his supervisor to go pick the gentlemen up. The gentleman tried to pay Mike for his trouble, but Mike refused, saying he was just glad that our patient had been taken care of. Wow, Amber and Mike, you truly showed the spirit of team work in creating a special moment in that patient’s care.

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