Wow Moment of October - Renee Faulkner and Baylen Lovett

Wow Moment, Renee Faulkner and Baylen Lovett    In our Wow Moment of October, two EMS team members responded to a patient residence for a Lifeline activation. Once on scene, paramedics Renee Faulkner and Baylen Lovett determined that the resident had accidentally pressed her Lifeline button. She was OK and did not require any treatment.
    Both team members noticed that the temperature in the house was extremely warm. They noticed window air-conditioning units throughout the house, but only the unit in the kitchen was working and it was not cooling very well.
    Renee and Baylen asked the resident if she had anyone she could stay with, due to the heat. She did not. They said that they would try to figure something out and return later.
    The team went to Lowes and purchased a new window AC unit with their own money. They returned to the residence installed it in her bedroom window, with the assistance of a second crew.
    The co-worker who nominated this thoughtful team said “WOW! I believe that Renee and Baylen deserve to be recognized for going well above and beyond in performing their job and helping to take care of the people of our community.”
    We’re proud you’re part of our Memorial Health team, Renee and Baylen!



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