Wow Moment of September - Charmaine Kitchen, admitting clerk

Charmaine Kitchen, Wow Moment of September, Nacogdoches Memorial In our Wow Moment of September, a pregnant lady signed in to be seen in the emergency room, telling admitting clerk Charmaine Kitchen that she needed to use the restroom while she waited her turn.  The clerk gave the patient directions to the facilities, but asked her to wait a moment for the triage nurse to assess her. The patient was adamant about her need to go right then and headed to the ladies’ room anyway.  At the time, the ER was very busy and triage had quite a few patients lined up.  After a few moments, Charmaine realized that her patient had not returned from the restroom.  Concerned, she asked the other clerk to watch the desk and went to check on the patient.  As she neared the restroom, Charmaine could hear someone yelling and rushed in to find the patient in active labor in one of the stalls.  Our team member quickly ran to the ER for assistance and the team got the patient upstairs to Labor and Delivery. Charmaine’s coworker said “sometimes the ER is so busy you just try and keep up!! Charmaine is very concerned for our patients and recognized and helped a patient who was in need!” Thanks for trusting your intuition and coming to the rescue of a patient in distress, Charmaine!

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