Wow Moment of the Month - Barron Taylor

Barron Taylor, Wow Moment of the MonthOur Wow Moment of the Month was submitted by a patient at our hospital. This patient explained that he was going to the cafeteria before his appointment to get a straw for another dialysis patient. He became light-headed as he walked down the hall, so he stopped. Many people walked by him and asked if he was okay, but Barron Taylor, medical imaging transporter, was the only one who insisted on stopping to help, realizing that something was definitely wrong! Barron stopped another employee and asked that person to watch our patient, while he quickly found a wheelchair. Barron wheeled the man to the dialysis unit and stayed to watch him for a little while, making sure he was alright and making certain someone in the unit was watching over the patient.
The patient’s wife said "Barron is a great and kindhearted individual to do that! I would like to thank Barron for making sure my husband was okay and for taking care of him before leaving him,” the wife said. “Now that is a Wow Moment in my book!”
Thanks for making such a lasting and positive impression on a patient in need, Barron.

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