Wow! Moment of the Month - Kim Sandel

Kim Sandel, scheduling clerk, is a new addition to the Memorial team, having joined us only six months ago, but she has taken up the customer service banner with a passion. A patient recently came in for a test, but unfortunately there was a mix up with the date.  The patient came in for the test on the right day, but the wrong month!

It was late in the day when the patient arrived and the insurance required verification prior to performing the test.  Kim did her best to work the patient into the schedule, while trying to contact the insurance company but the office had already closed for the day. Kim told the patient that she would contact the insurance company the next day and would reschedule the test date.

The patient was in a bind because she’d been dropped off and didn’t have a ride back home.  Kimoffered to give the patient a ride home, which was accepted.  What Kim didn’t reveal was her plans to attend her son’s last (out-of-town) basketball game as soon as she got off work. Without hesitation, our new scheduling clerk offered our patient a ride and was happy to do it, even though it caused her to be late to the game.

When presented with the Wow award for March, Kim cried and said she didn’t think she’d done anything special. “It was just the thing to do, because it was right for the patient. I was just doing my job,” she said. Wow Kim, we’re glad to have you at Memorial!

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