Wow Moment of the Month - McKenzie Porter

  McKenzie Porter, Wow Moment of the Month      McKenzie Porter, environmental services tech, was nominated for a Wow Moment in February by a co-worker working the temporary ER front desk when a frantic young couple came in.  McKenzie happened to be near the front entrance, returning from the compactor. The husband jumped out of his car, shouting for help in finding the ER. The woman stumbled out of the car with her arm wrapped up, almost fainting. Her husband scooped her up and carried her in, following McKenzie who leaped into action. McKenzie rushed the couple through the doors, urging the man to put his wife in a wheelchair, instead of trying to carry her down the hall. He had to help the man get the wife into the chair, as the wife kept slipping out of the wheelchair in a faint. He rushed the woman down the hall to the ER, then escorted the man back out to move his car from the temporary emergency entrance. McKenzie waited on the husband to return and escorted him back to his wife through the locked ER doors.
        The nominating co-worker said “McKenzie showed enormous compassion for this couple and clearly had a take-charge attitude in a frantic situation. He was cool, calm and collected, which is really impressive in someone without a clinical background.”
        McKenzie, thanks for acting quickly to assist a patient in need!


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