Wow Moment of the Month - Perla Ramirez

Perla Ramirez, Wow Moment of October

Perla Ramirez, mammography tech, has always been a dynamo, giving more than 100% each day at The Breast Care Center. One recent morning, a young Hispanic patient came to The Breast Care Center and she was very upset. She wanted to speak with Perla because she had gotten to know her the previous week, while having a diagnostic study done at the center. The young woman knew Perla could speak Spanish. The patient explained that she had just been to her surgeon's office and was given an appointment to have surgery, but did not understand why. Did this mean she had breast cancer?

Perla took the time to go to the surgeon's office with her patient, so the physician could answer all the patient's questions with Perla as interpreter. This simple act of kindness helped to reduce the patient's anxiety and enabled her to be better prepared for her surgery.

The co-worker who nominated her said “Perla’s care and compassion for all our patients is such an asset at our Breast Care Center!”  Perla, your sensitivity and kind-heart have truly wowed us.

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