Wow! Moment of the Month - Tracy Izard

Tracy Izard, physical therapist, learned that a bicycle belonging to one of her outpatient customers had been stolen at his place of work.  The patient’s physical condition makes walking ill-advised and that bike was his only form of transportation. Tracy was concerned for his well-being and said so in the PT staff office where another team member, Kaneisa Walker Nash, took up the crusade. Kaneisa contacted a local retailer and learned that an adult bike had recently been returned and was therefore selling at a reduced cost.  Tracy decided her patient should have that bicycle and paid for it herself. Tracy and Kaneisa picked up the bike (and a bike lock) and the two delivered the gift to their patient’s place of work.   He was very grateful and stopped by the hospital later to let the ladies know that this was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for him.  Though this is a dynamic duo, Kaneisa was awarded an Honorable Mention for her part, because she had already won a Wow Award for another good deed this Wow cycle.  Thanks for caring about your patients and going above and beyond!!! Great job- Tracy Izard!!

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