New Direction > April 7, 2017

High praise for Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital’s excellent, compassionate care:

We enjoy hearing stories from patients who go out of their way to make sure their community and our hospital management knew about the high qualitycare our team members deliver.

Thank you to Ziana B. for this "Shout Out" in The Daily Sentinel of Nacogdoches:

"A big Shout Out to Memorial Hospital ER Nurse, Gavin. I had to use that facility last Sunday night. Gavin made my five-hour ER experience go by quickly. He kept me informed on what was happening with all the tests they had to do to diagnose my problem and updating me on how radiology was backed up with a car wreck which was delaying a CT scan. He was very professional, attentive and cheerful until I was assigned a room.
Thanks Gavin, for liking your job."

The goal of Nacogdoches Memorial Health is to provide exceptional healthcare to every generation of every East Texas family.

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