New Direction > July 27, 2018

Dr. Vineyard not just impacting women’s health at home

Memorial’s own Dr. David Vineyard traveled to Neema House in Arusha, Tanzania on a philanthropic mission recently. Along with teaching safe birthing techniques to remote female villagers and the older women who serve as their “baby deliverers,” he covered how dangerous FGM (female circumcision) is for young women during childbirth and provided educational materials on the female body and reproductive system to women and young girls alike.

Neema House is an outreach center focused on rescuing abandoned, orphaned, and at-risk babies; reuniting children with extended families; promoting adoptions; restoring hope to women through education, business opportunities, parenting skills and spiritual guidance; and renewing dignity to AIDs widows.

Dr. Vineyard and his group traveled three hours to a remote Tanzanian village to help women who are often at the greatest risk of dying during childbirth. Along with the health and hygiene lessons, the group distributed safe birthing kits, “Days For Girls” menstrual care kits, a bee suit for the village’s new honey business and even lollipops for the kids.

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Dr. Vineyard

Photo by Riley O’Pry, from the Neema House Arusha Blog

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