New Direction > May 19, 2017

Board, leadership, units recognize nurses for Nurses Day 2017

“Nursing care is phenomenal at Memorial,” said Dr. Larry Walker, surgeon, former board member and keynote speaker, during the recent Nurses Day celebration at the hospital.

That’s a sentiment other board members agreed with.

“I consistently hear positive comments on our patient care. Everything that’s good is because of you. It’s in your hands,” said Patrick Kuhns.

The theme for the celebration was centered around keeping the balance of mind, body and spirit. Chief nursing officer, Linda Lawson, felt that was a motto worth remembering.

“You give and give and give. Take time for yourself. Give the next shift what you can’t get done and don’t feel guilty about leaving, because they need to do the same thing when it’s their turn. You guys need to support each other,” Lawson advised the nurses in attendance. “Do what makes you happy. Practice gratitude and make sure you spend time with your loved ones, because that’s what matters most.”

Linda complimented her crew on working hard and working together to get through tough times. “I’ve never been more proud to be CNO!”

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