New Direction > October 20, 2017

Ella Nobles wins the United Way Early Bird Drawing for a full paid day off

We’ve kicked off the 2017 United Way Campaign, setting our goal at $44,000. We are only half way there, so please help us meet our goal and maintain our Close to Home funding for our own staff who have unexpected things come up requiring emergency funds.

The first milestone of the campaign was our Early Bird drawing for a full paid day off with pay! The lucky winner was administrative assistant, Ella Nobles, who made her boss, CEO Gary Kendrick, sign the certificate on the spot. Congrats, Ella and thanks for
supporting such a worthy cause.

At least 99% of the money donated by Nacogdoches Memorial Health team members will go directly to local charities. Less than 1% of locally pledged funds are used to cover the administrative costs of running the LOCAL United Way office. The local United Way staff members sponsor dedicated fund raisers to cover their overhead, so money from the main campaign drive can be directed straight to local charities.

Ella Nobles United Way Win

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