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Nacogdoches Memorial's Independence and Change

The climate in today's healthcare marketplace, and even in our own region, continues to set the stage of mergers and acquisitions of smaller organizations with larger and seemingly more financially stable companies. In some cases, there are no other options.  Some organizations just can't survive without the assistance and resources of other companies and investors. However, our goal and vision at Nacogdoches Memorial Health (NMH) is to maintain our independence and not just survive by thrive! Our intent is to be free to grow and serve our communities, without the constraints of having to ask permission from someone in another state to take care of those we serve. This independence also requires strategic affiliations, like we have with Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) and Christus Trinity Mother Francis, along with other partners. These affiliations also allow us to access many "best practices" that only make us better.

Why is independence so important? The companies who usually are in the position of the "acquiring investor" have their own missions and agendas. Profits are often taken back home and shared amongst shareholders and on projects in their own communities, before they are invested back into the local facility and community. This option does not accomplish our vision of being the best community health system in East Texas and serving the needs locally of our customers. Charles de Gualle once said "History does not teach fatalism... people get the history they deserve."

What does NMH deserve? I believe we deserve to be a light for others to follow. I believe we deserve to be a model health system others want to be like; and I believe our best years are still to come. But, we must be focused as a team to accomplish the work that is before us. We have made a lot of progress in the last two years. I know a lot has changed since I came on board, and, trust me, if I could slow us down periodically I would, but we must press forward , because we can't slow the change that is coming our way... it is a part of healthcare and life. What we can change is how we react and respond to it. We can accept it as a part of life and be proactive in our growth.

"Change is not merely necessary to life — it is life." —Alvin Toffler

Thank you for helping me stay the course, embrace change, and remain a force in our region, as a company that should not have to ask permission to serve our customers they want the deserve to be served...

Scott Street, CEO
Nacogdoches Memorial Health

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