Wow Moment - March 2017 - Noel Dominy

Wow Moment of March 2017 - Noel Dominy

In the Wow Moment of the Month for March, we were "wowed" by the effort a patient made to acknowledge the excellent care received at Memorial Hospital.

Our grateful patient commended Noel Dominy, nurse manager of obstetrics and pediatrics, in a most public way, with an article in the Shout Outs section of the Daily Sentinel. That satisfied patient bragged about Noel for going out of his way to do a good job in providing compassionate nursing care, making his patient feel comfortable, and even surprising the patient by purchasing food items she had asked about.

"Noel exhibits what a great nurse really is," the patient wrote. "He is thoughtful, well-mannered and shows concerns for the well-being of his patients. Noel has

chosen the perfect profession. We hope he has many successful years in his nursing career."

We agree that Noel is certainly in the right profession, and in the perfect place to provide great care - Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital! Great job, Noel!

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