Wow Moment of April 2016 - Sharon Gray

Sharon Gray, Wow Moment of April

 Our WOW moment for April began when Sharon Gray, medical records analyst, was making rounds and signing patients up for our online wellness portal, NacOWL, when she overheard a new mom saying she was in need of necessities for her newborn. After talking to the patient at length, Sharon discovered the new mom was overwhelmed to the point that she had considered giving her child up for adoption. As a brand new grandmother, Sharon’s heart was touched. She could not get the distressed new mother off her mind.

  The next day, Sharon went to the Auxiliary Gift Shop to find some things for the new baby. A fellow shopper overheard Sharon explain what she was doing and approached her. The shopper was also a new grandmother and wanted to help as well. The lady provided Sharon with multiple clothing items and other necessities to pass along and even offered a car seat and her phone number in case further help was needed. “I still wonder how that mother is doing,” Sharon admits. “I pray for her and think about her to this day.”

Sharon, we are certain you made a difference for that new mother and her baby.

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