Wow Moment of April 2017 - Toni Tallant, ER admissions clerk

In our Wow Moment of April, ER admissions clerk Toni Tallant, reminds us that we all have a role in caring for those who come to Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital, even if they may not be a patient for our department.

Toni recently "adopted" a dementia patient who would cut through her ER waiting area on his way to his appointments with another department. Though suffering from mild dementia, the patient is able to drive himself to his appointments, and routinely parks behind the ER and accesses the hospital from that entrance. Toni has made it her mission to ensure that the patient never gets lost and is always personally escorted the entire way to his destination, through our confusing hallways.

One rainy day, when a staff member walked the patient back to the ER entrance, Toni quickly volunteered to finish walking him to his car with her umbrella. As they exited the building, Toni even joked with the patient, affectionately asking, "are we going to run, jog or skip to the car?"

 Thank you, Toni, for the care and compassionate attention you give to our patients.

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