Wow Moment of August 2017 - Alex Cross, paramedic

Wow moment of August, Alex Cross

The Wow Moment of August was actually nominated through our colleagues in

Nacogdoches Medical Center Emergency Room. They called to notify us of a good deed they witnessed at their ER, when paramedic Sarah "Alex" Cross dropped off a patient on what

happened to be the patient’s birthday.

When Alex realized it was the patient’s 95th birthday, she notified the ER team of the

important milestone and quickly went across the street to Walmart. She bought a cupcake and a cozy blanket to give comfort and cheer on such a special occasion. The celebration didn’t end there. Some of the Medical Center ER staff had secured balloons for the impromptu party and they even tried to chip in and reimburse Alex. She wouldn’t take the money - she was just happy to be allies in the mission to make this patient’s day.

The NMC team was apparently so impressed with the patient care that Alex provided in this unique situation that they wanted to make sure she was recognized for her efforts. We think their efforts on her behalf were pretty special too, and we’re proud to share this pat on the back for such stellar customer service. Thanks, Alex, for putting the needs of your patient above all else.

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