Wow Moment of December 2015 - Anjou Bice and Tracy Izard

Anjou Bice, Tracy IzardOur WOW moment for last month featured a rescue, followed by another rescue!  In November, when a torrential downpour resulted in street level flooding in Nacogdoches, Anjou Bice and Tracy Izard had a patient who needed to be rescued from her flooded vehicle on King Street by Nacogdoches Fire Department. The patient was attempting to make it to Memorial for her scheduled physical therapy appointment. The fire department delivered our rescued patient, dripping wet from head to toe, to Memorial’s front door. Physical therapists Anjou and Tracy jumped into action, grabbing a heated blanket, fresh scrubs and warm socks from the emergency room and surgery. After providing her with that cozy change of clothes, Anjou and Tracy placed their patient on a hot pack until she warmed up. The next day, the patient returned with freshly laundered scrubs and socks - and her heart-felt thanks.

Thank you Anjou and Tracy for repeatedly giving your patients such a warm and cozy feeling of gratitude through the years. You warm our hearts, too!

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