Wow Moment of July 2017 - NICU Staff

Our Wow Moment of July celebrates the one yeNICU Staffar anniversary of our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and acknowledges the loving support given by the staff of that unit.

The amazing story begins with an extremely sick mom delivering an extremely sick baby seven weeks early. Collen and Lerin Russell’s baby son, Logan, was delivered by emergency

C-section and the tiny newborn was intubated and placed on a feeding tube. He was admitted to our Level III NICU, where he remained under constant care for almost a month.

As Logan began his journey, his mom was fighting for her own life in a medically induced coma. Her pregnancy complications had led to complete organ failure and she was flown to Houston’s Memorial Hermann Hospital and placed on 24-hour dialysis.

The new mother had never even seen her son, but when Lerin woke up from her coma and began her quest for recovery, the NICU staff began cultivating the incredibly crucial bond

between mother and baby. Always aware of the three-hour separation, the NICU staff created a calendar showing Lerin all of Logan’s firsts: first bath, first time his dad got to hold him, first day he got to see his sister. They sent tiny soft pieces of cloth for her to wear against her skin, and then placed those returned cloths in his bed, so he would recognize her scent. When family

members visited Logan, the NICU staff helped them FaceTime with Lerin during the visits.

The staff helped Lerin celebrate Logan’s birth and her own birthday while she was still in the

Houston hospital, by creating a birth announcement for him and a special birthday card for her. They even took Logan’s photo with a tiny graduation cap, when he finally got to leave the NICU with Lerin and Collen one week short of his one month birthday.

"I felt really guilty at certain points in time, but the NICU nurses really helped to make me feel a part of all those important things that I kind of missed out on," Lerin said.

Thank you, NICU staff, for taking such loving care of our littlest patients…and the moms who sometimes need you even more.

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