Wow Moment of June 2016 - Robert Scott Jr. & Gary Sexton

In our Wow Moment for June, hospital board member Jessica Henderson called looking for help for an elderly couple whose vehicle had stalled on North Street in front of the Hospice Thrift Shop. She asked if someone could bring gas for their car, as the thrift shop ladies didn’t have gas cans in their vehicles. One call led to another, and Gary Sexton and “Little” Robert Scott, Jr., from plant ops, were sent to the rescue. They showed up with a full gas can and filled the couple’s car - not just a little, but all the way up. When that didn’t fix the couple’s car, Gary and Little Robert started looking for other issues. They didn’t have jumper cables in the hospital van, so Little Robert left to get some, while Gary waited and worked on the car. When Little Robert came back, they jumped the car off. Realizing the car needed a new belt as well, the young men advised the couple of that. Thanks for being our knights in shining armor, guys! 

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