Wow Moment of June 2017 - Kristi Dowdy, imaging tech

In our WOW Moment for June, our radiology tech, Kristy Dowdy, literally went out of her way for not just one patient, but two!

Normally, when a patient utilizing an outpatient service in the hospital needs to immediately follow up at one of our neighboring offices, they have to wait for the transportation van to take them the short distance they need to travel. One day this past summer, when a patient in the hospital needed to be taken to an orthopedic surgeon’s office, Kristy decided to forgo the hassle of waiting for the van and wheeled the patient to the office herself.

The deed in itself was a generous gesture, but as Kristy prepared to return to

the hospital, she recognized that another orthopedic patient needed to come to the hospital for imaging. Because she was already making her way back and already had a wheelchair, Kristy offered to transport that patient as well.

Thanks to Kristy, both patients avoided the wait for transportation and arrived at their destination much quicker.

Thank you, Kristy, for taking the time to show our patients that their time and convenience is important to us.Kristi Dowdy, imaging tech

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